I’m Owl Crazy!

I’m in love with my Janome Memory Craft 350E, the stitch outs are fantastic and I’ve found it very user friendly. I LOVE the step forward/back and page forward/back so you can redo an area or omit a portion of the the design (i.e. text). Having a USB port was top on my list when shopping around for an embroidery machine and using a USB key to transfer your designs leaves your computer free to watch NetFlix. I think I put this embroidery machine through its paces this weekend and it really stood up to my abuse. If I could change anything on this machine, I’d put in LED lighting and use the same auto-threading mechanism as Baby Lock or Juki. A nice little bonus is that my Juki accepts Janome bobbins.

Sewer’s Aid is a very handy thing to have for both sewing but especially embroidery. I think it’s probably a silicon. You put a single drop on your needle and it aids your needle and thread to slip through thicker fabrics, I was using batting with my stitch-outs to make pot holders, it works like  charm.

Stay tuned next week, I’ll be walking you through the Janome MC350E as time permits.


5 thoughts on “I’m Owl Crazy!

  1. Hi Tabatha, I appreciated your story about finding your Janome 350E. You were really put through the wringer. In fact, I’ve got a Brother PE780 on order, but I’ve just won an Ebay bid of $975 for the Janome 350E, which is my first choice. The machine is used, but looks to be in excellent condition and it comes with a clothsetter and some other extras. I’d like your opinion on buying a used machine, if you have a moment. It’s something I have to commit to within the next day, so that may be asking a lot. If you have time, however, please let me know your feelings on the purchase of a gently used Janome 350E. Many thanks! Diane

    • Hi Diane, I don’t know what to tell you about modern used machines except that I’ve sold a few… I’ve never had a big repair bill with my vintage machines but then again, they typically need cleaning and the timing reset. I’ve heard of people paying big bucks to have computer boards replaced in more modern machines but thank goodness I’ve never had to do that.

      If I did purchase a second hand modern machine, the first thing I’d do is take it to my repair guy for a cleaning and check-up. If there was a major problem, I’d contact the seller asap.

      You might find better advise on sewing.patternreview.com, lots of collective knowledge there!

      Good luck and let me know how it all works out!!


  2. Thanks for the advice. I’m still on the fence, but I’ll have to make the decision today or I’ll lose out on the Janome. I will definitely take it to my local dealer if I buy it. Hmmm…. what to do?


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