Fabric, Fabric, Everywhere!

This past weekend, SewTara and I hit Quilt A Bag where we’d purchased fabric at the CreativFestival, I wanted more wonderful fabric! I’m going to start off with my favorite and most expensive, a meter of Japanese Enchino:

I love the vibrant colours, orange, turquoise, green and orange dominated, what’s not to love? Love the patterns, not so fond of the texture, slightly rough, more on the canvas side than the supple soft cotton side.

I love this Westminster Fibers’ Snow Cuddle, I’m having a love affair with the grey/yellow combination and this fits nicely.

More yellow/grey colour combinations, the mauve and green (top middle) was in a pack and not optional, I wouldn’t have chosen them given a choice. The yellow floral was a nice deal, $6.00 for a full meter.

This is my first attempt at attempting to put together patterns and colours together for a quilt, not quite right but please give me your opinions, I’m completely open to comments, I know so little about quilting, I need help!

This is my second  combination which I find more appealing but it’s also so predictable, what colour  or fabric suggestion would you throw in to make this more exciting? More orange and/or turquoise?

4 thoughts on “Fabric, Fabric, Everywhere!

  1. I love your fabric choices! A lot will depend on how you’re going to sew them together. Have you got a pattern or idea for that? Will it be squares or triangles or strips?

    The striped fabric, for example, is a directional print. If you cut triangles out of it, things may get tricky. Stripes in a binding, however, are usually super cute. The Westminster Snow Cuddle is almost a quilt unto itself already. Something like that might work better as a backing versus cutting strips of it, for example, which, depending on what part of the fabric you’re cutting, will look different in different parts of a quilt.

    So, that being said, I like both combinations, but here is what I would do (and this is just my 2 cents…again, a lot may depend on your overall pattern). In the first combination, I might eliminate everything “northwest” of the small gray dot on the left, on over to the deep orange and yellow flower print (keep that). Although you might want to keep the turquoise/brown circle print in that mix, and/or the other strong black/white circles.

    In the second combo, I’d use the stripe and Westminster fabric in something other than the front of the quilt. Otherwise, I like that combination too. It’s softer and subtler than the first. Depends what look you’re going for.

    Hope that helps. Playing with combinations is one of my favorite things to do, and I wish I could reach through the screen and move things around! Have fun! 🙂

  2. Oh dear. I wrote a long comment to this last night, but I must have failed to hit send. I will try to recreate, but I’ll probably be a bit glib since I’ve had a lovely glass of wine. or two.

    Anyways, I think the key issue is hierarchy. Your colors are great, but you have to think about who is boss, color-wise.

    In the first group, green/blue is competing with orange, with black heckling from the sidelines. In the second group you have no one willing to take charge, with the grey dots winning by default. The grey dots make a lovely fabric, but I don’t think you want them to be your ceo. Maybe your level 3 manager.

    There are many solutions. The quilter’s most powerful tool is proportion. You can decide who’s boss, and make sure the competitors play a supporting role in smaller pieces. In a stack of fabrics everything looks equal. So you have to imagine, hypothesize, and test using your design wall (or design bed/floor in my case).

    Another solution is to limit your color range. In the first group maybe brown is one too much. Maybe pink.

    And another is to add new fabrics. To my eye, the second group wants an orange or green to take the lead. You could find something a little stronger to keep those gray dots in their place.

    And a final hierarchy note: the thing you have most of will not necessarily be the boss. Often the most plentiful fabric becomes the background, no matter how bright.

    • Dan, I absolutely see you points and love your analogies! Since orange is one of my favorite colours, perhaps I’ll hunt for more of that. I have orange in the photo above but for some reason, I don’t like that fabric with combination #2.

      A glass (or two) is always a lovely way to end a day!

      Thank you both, P and Dan, for taking the time to leave comments, I need all the help I can get!

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