My First (Modern) Quilt

I am a huge fan of Dan Rouse, quilter man with mad skillz!  I’ve mentioned him before  but he’s really done it this time with his reverse applique and stencil quilt techniques, he’s opened his own Etsy store and know he’ll be wildly successful. If I could, I’d scoop up that Stag quilt in a second, it’s my favorite! I’ve always loved his colour and fabric choices but I’m absolutely mad for his stencil quilt technique and I hope to emulate it with a twist in my first quilt. I may not be successful but I’ll at least be on my way.

For the past few weeks I’ve been piecing fabrics for simple projects like place mats and pot holders but I haven’t been crazy about them with the exception of my machine embroidered owls and I know most of my dissatisfaction has to do with the fabric. Thankfully Fabricland came to my rescue with a 50% off all quilting fabrics sale, so off I went!

I had a decent amount of cash squirreled away and knew approximately how many meters I could buy. I wanted 5 different blue/turquoises and a few red/oranges. The batiks really sucked me in. I wanted a combination of abstract, organic plant leafy patterns and, of course, circles. Without further ado, here are my final choices:

I love these fabrics both together and separately. I purchased a meter of each which I think will be more than enough. I also purchased donna Kooler’s Encyclopedia of quilting, a very basic book for beginners and after browsing through it, I know will come in very handy over the next couple of weeks and months.

I didn’t forget the batting but I did forget to rotate my pictures before uploading them.

And one last little item to add to my new quilting kit, a pyramid ruler, because it was on sale and because Dan got one, I had to have one too!

I also picked up a meter of Michael Miller’s Chirp! fabric a) because it was on sale and b) it’s really cute but too cute for our style but will find some use for it, I’m sure.

Sadly, it’s going to be warm and sunny all day tomorrow which means no sewing…


2 thoughts on “My First (Modern) Quilt

  1. You’ll do great!

    I don’t have a 60 degree triangle ruler, so you’re one step ahead of me. I meant to get one but bought the triangle-inside-a-square ruler instead (the height of the triangle is the same as the base, so it’s taller than an equilateral triangle). I didn’t realize this until I had pieced a few short strips for my unicorn and some came out funky. I tend to think of myself as good at math and spacial relations stuff, so this prompted something of a middle age identity crisis.

    As it turned out I was pleased with the stretched triangles, and I already I have a plan to use larger triangles, also without the squares the template was designed for.

    Thanks for the shout out!

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