Quick and Easy Gratification

Last weekend I started a tunic which went wrong, the neck band was too small for the neck opening. I’m quite sure I cut out all the right pieces and sizes but honestly, I’ll have to check again. I used orange silk noil for the main body and arms of the tunic and fuchsia cotton of the same weight, for the facings, I don’t want to scrap it, I want to save it. Funny enough, Tara is having problems with it too.

So I set that project aside and went to a quick and easy gratification project, New Look 6494, I love this pattern!

I pulled out my Skinny Stripes by Laura Gunn and cut out my skirt on the bias, sewed up the sides then grabbed my Kona Cotton in Lagoon and started making 4″ bias strips for a nice wide border at the bottom of the skirt and a 1.5″ width for the top and .5″  draw strings. This skirt is so simple, quick to sew up and easy to embellish not to mention flattering and comfortable! With the right top, you can dress it up or down, no one will be the wiser. It’s jut too bad that the weather is too cold to actually wear it!

Yesterday I emailed my sister in Quebec for her size, we’ll be visiting my family and I thought she’d like a comfortable skirt for summer.  She hasn’t got a clue what size she is so I had to guess, she wanted earth colours so I pulled out my last piece of oatmeal linen.  (Note to self: GET MORE!) I had her skirt traced, cut out and sewed up the side seams in about half an hour. My imagination started to go wild, what could I do to make this special for her? Should I leave the bottom edge frayed? Should I make a binding or just a plain hem? What about tone-on-tone appliquéd flowers with raw edges? I have two different natural cotton laces or what about a button trim? I can’t make anything too outlandish, she’s not someone who likes to stand out in that way.

Any other ideas?


4 thoughts on “Quick and Easy Gratification

  1. Hello Sew Tara’s sister! I have seen this pattern over and over again as I always look through the EASY patterns. Now you’ve convinced me to purchase it especially as it seems to ‘do what it says on the box’ – For your sister, go for the frayed hem and the ribbon threaded trim – mmmmmm nice! (or run it by your sister) Nice blog, I am now going to have a good nosey around, Lisanne xx

  2. Hi Lisanne! I gave my sister the skirt last weekend and she loved it, YAY! I used bias binding for the waist and hem then cut out a giant flower and sewed it on the front left and left the edges to fray.

    Thanks for dropping in, would you like a tea a cookie?

  3. Cute! I can’t wait to see it when it’s finished! You’re in my reader, so I won’t miss anything! :)I’m still learning who all the designers are. Is it Laura Gunn who has the Painters Palette fabric?

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