Swoon Scrap Bag

This morning began with a bit of a twist, yesterday we bought a Nespresso Pixi. After giving up coffee for over a year, we had started drinking about one cup a day. We have a Miele Nespesso machine at the office wich uses Nespresso coffee and Ristretto is my favorite. So today, for the first time in over a year, I made myself a cup of coffee at home. It’s too delicious! Guess who needs to make a mug rug?

Then, I got a FB friend request from Scott Hansen at Blue Nickel Studios, whom I’ve been following for a couple of weeks now, and visited his site. I started reading today’s blog post, another giveaway, a Free Spirit Prize Pack from the Market including TULA PINK Prince Charming, my current obsession!!!

Quilter's Home

As I’m reading through the post, lusting after this fabulous prize, I spot MY name in his post!! My name is not common, there aren’t very many of us so I knew it had to be me! I won the previous giveaway from Scott, a juicy scrap bag of  Swoon by Melissa Averinos (and some coordinating solids) from which he created a quilt featured in Quilter’s Home magazine!

Last week I participated in Sew Mama Sew’s gigantic giveaway bonanza and after commenting on probably 50 or more blogs, won nothing. This win means much more to me because it’s from someone I follow.

All the photos in this post are from Blue Nickel Studios and are linked to their website.

Thanks again Scott, I’ll put those scraps to good use in my first mug rug!!

Here’s Scott’s quilt featured in Quilter’s Home magazine.


3 thoughts on “HOLY CRAP, I WON!!

    • Thanks Scott & Eileen!

      Sadly the postal strike has begun, it may be awhile before I see Scott’s fabulous fabric or place another order with Fabricworm.

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