Scrappy Shoes

Keen's Scrappy Shoes

Look at these cute Quilty Scrappy shoes I found today at Keen’s on my way home, aren’t they adorable?! What do they remind you of?

Sevenberry Japanese Fabric

Keen's Scrappy Shoes

Yesterday I finished making all my log cabin blocks, including the floating blocks, 34 in total I think. I was going to sew them up next weekend but the weather is going to be too nice to stay in the basement and with this weather, I need to shorten my Laura Gunn Skinny Stipes skirt and make a new one, perhaps one from my Enchino or Sevenberry fabric to go with these shoes!

My first log cabin blocks

What was really interesting when making these block completely random, is that 3 of them all had the same fabric in the same position at the top of the block.

Log Cabin Quilt Blocks

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