Arranging Blocks

I’m trying to figure out how to arrange my random log cabin blocks and I’m having a devil of a time! I don’t think I have enough combinations/fabrics and may have to make a few more, please advise!! Here’s attempt #1:

My first attempt...

And attempt #2:

Second attempt

I have to say that taking photographs really helps! Hopefully I’ll be able to sew these together Saturday morning… Yes, I know my table isn’t big enough but with cat and dogs… well, you get the picture.


4 thoughts on “Arranging Blocks

    • I’ll be washing the floor, laying it, taking and analyzing the photos before any sewing is to begin! I think this is the hardest part!

    • Thanks Dina though I can’t take credit, I’m using a pattern from a book called “Encyclopedia of Quilting” by Donna Kooler. The white sashing was what attracted me to this pattern!

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