U.S. Fabric Order Arrived!

I received my designer fabrics from Fabricworm.com on Wednesday, just 1 week and 2 days after I placed my order, not bad! I was really dubious with my choices but I’m very happy, even with my duplicate of Deena Rutter Happier, Garden fabrics, almost everything goes well together.

Rutter, Kaufman, Dewberry

Dewberry, Kaufman, Young, Gavin, Howell

Echino Fall 2010 by Estsuko Furuya

Strangely, the only fabric I feel doesn’t work in this mix is Amy Butler, it’s not orange enough to be orange.

Amy Butler Wallflower Cherry

Turquoise, orange, brown and olive all go very well in our house and I hope to amass enough fabric in these colours to make either 1 gigantic king size quilt for our bed or go the European route and make two doubles, one for each of us. Hey, that would be fun!! The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of making 2 different quilts using the same fabrics for one bed.

When I purchased the Echino fabric, I didn’t realize they were oilcloth and I was even more surprised when they arrived laminated. In my experience, oilcloth is like an Australian coat, the cotton is oiled to repel water, lamination is a layer of plastic, two completely different things. I wasn’t expecting laminated fabric, it’s not what I wanted but will figure something out. I can’t imagine anyone would want to trade laminated fabric for non-laminated fabric, would they?


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