Out of love?

A week or so ago, I confessed to Dan that I had fallen out of love with my fabrics and thus with my quilt. Has this happened to you? Actually, on their own, I love MOST of the fabrics I chose but I agree with DH, I just feel it’s too busy.

I keep thinking I’ll change my mind once it’s quilted and because I’m so inexperienced at quilting, this is going to be straight stitch only, I haven’t found anyone in the area who will do this for you yet. I also think I’d love it more if it were more monotone; either all yellow/orange/red or just blue/turquoise/green.

The back is my favorite part of this quilt, of course, sigh. I’ll start quilting tomorrow morning. My next project will be a table topper…

UPS stopped by and dropped of my Amazon.ca order, YIPEEE!


5 thoughts on “Out of love?

  1. Oh yes, it has happened. Once you have it quilted and bound, put it away for a while, then take it out at a later date. You will love it again.

    Your quilt reminds me of colored glass art, a la Dale Chihuly.

  2. Great books!!! Sometimes I need a break from my quilts in order to fall back in love with them again, but I’m sure by the time you finish quilting this one, you’ll fall back in love.

    Also, I wanted to respond to your comment on my blog this morning, but you don’t have an email address attached to your Blogger profile, so I hopped over here – I used a 1/2 yd of 8 different prints, plus 1/2 yd for the border and 1.5 yds of the solid neutral for my Prince Charming quilt. I hope that helps!!

  3. I like it. I don’t think it’s too busy. I think it’s great love all the colors. It would also look great with a black back round. Reminds me of the one you liked of mine.

  4. It looks great. It is bright and rainbow happy, and I understand why you’re feeling like it’s a bit much. Quilting and washing will soften it, and I agree with other commenters that it will grow on you over time. It’s going to look great folded, too.

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