Clover and Violet Stash Project

This is my attempt to join the Clover and Violet Stash Project (and giveaway). I don’t really have a stash per se, what I have are a few newly purchased fabrics in an attempt to build a (quilting) stash. Last year I sewed a lot of clothes and used quilting fabrics for some skirts for myself and shirts for hubby so I guess you could say I have a tiny stash of quilting fabrics and I did use a couple of those fabrics in my very first quilt which I’m still working on.

Do you see the yellows? Yeah, the floating yellow in the bottom left and a log cabin center in the third row down, second block from the left.  Also, I used Skinny Stripes which I had originally purchased to create a shirt for DH but he didn’t like the fabric so I made a skirt instead (and have received many complements on it!). If you click on the photo you’ll get the full size version and can see the fabrics better. The rest of the fabrics in this quilt were purchased specifically for this project.

Maybe in a year or so I’ll have a real stash, one I can be proud of! ;D


3 thoughts on “Clover and Violet Stash Project

    • Bahahaha! It’s not a matter of where to purchase the fabric, it’s my budgeted allowance which prevents me from amassing fabric too quickly. It’s a good thing too because there are so many delicious fabrics available that I’d go bonkers without a monetary limit!

      AND Canada Post is on strike, I’m waiting for 4 parcels to arrive and hoping the government will legislate the employees back to work!

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