Quilting a Sandwich

Puckers, check. Crooked line stitching, check. Inconsistant stitch length due to wrangling quilt, check. This is not my favorite part of creating a quilt! But alas I have no other option, $160.00 to quilt a double is just too rich for my blood. Please tell me about your quilting dilemas, tell me that you can’t stitch a straight line to save your life and I’ll feel better about myself. I’m hoping that once I finish quilting and binding and give it a hot bath, no one will notice my errors.

And because no post is complete without at least one photo, here’s your moment of zen… or is it mine?

Oopee, Angus & Aelish


6 thoughts on “Quilting a Sandwich

  1. The actual quilting is not my favorite part either. Seems weird to say that, but there it is. Inconsistent stitch length, yes siree! That last quilt, it got pretty sloppy but there comes a point in every. single. quilt. when I just say, screw it, it is what it is. Painter’s tape is my buddy when I’m doing straight lines.

  2. Thank you for that P.! And from an experienced quilter at that, I feel a bit better already! As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’m going to make a table topper next, something more manageable!

  3. I think just like you do about the quilting stage of it, but I think that it gives it character! I have started the Farmer’s Wife Quilt which is a whole lots of smaller patchwork blocks. It is so much fun and quick, but I do see that my triangles sometimes do not match up perfect, but I am hoping that I improve as I go along with this project. If not, then it’s ok with me… Have a good day!

    • Patti, I’ve thought about joining the Farmer’s Wife Quilt but I have so much yet to learn. I think I’ll pick up the book nonetheless, I’m sure I can learn a lot from it but I want to start with easier blocks.

      I also want to know more about Quilt As You Go (QAYG), that sounds much easier!!!

  4. I feel you pain. Sewing it all together is my least favorite part. Might be easier if I had a long arm (no money, no space). One of the reasons I rarely do full size quilts anymore, mostly wall hangings and lap quilts. And mostly stitch in the ditch. The gods weren’t generous with my free motion quilting skills. Love the kitties!!!

  5. Hi Tabatha!! I totally agree, the cost of long arming positively turns me off. Just take it slow, I use music to keep myself motivated and to keep things moving smoothly. Saw your comment on my blog, but your email address isn’t linked to your Blogger profile – if you want to know how to do that, check my friend Cara’s blog post today right here http://www.meamomblog.com/2011/06/no-reply.html – so I hopped over to share a link to a list of bees accepting new people on Flickr – http://www.flickr.com/groups/quiltingbeeblocks/discuss/72157617103871916/

    Good luck with the quilting! Washing a quilt always hides any imperfections!!

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