WIP Wednesdays, here I come!

I don’t have many WIPs but I did start this pillow top yesterday inspired by the little blue/green bird fabric and the aqua/orange/green fabric.

Pillow top option 1 (yes, the little bird square is supposed to be off centre) click on photo for larger view:



Pillow top option 1

Planned planned back for option 1, not sure how I’m going to arrange the fabrics yet:

Pillow back option 1


Pillow top option 2:

Pillow top option 2

Pillow back option 2:

Pillow back option 2


This is supposed to be a quilt as you go project but then I realized that it’s not  because I’m not quilting the pieces to the batting as I sew. Duh. Opinions welcome on fabric combinations and quilting options though it won’t be stippling. Random lines?

3 thoughts on “WIP Wednesdays, here I come!

  1. That’s some gorgeous fabric. I think they’re both equally good options. Have you tried the green woodgrain on the front and the red/blue/green print by itself on the back? Or how about option 2 front and option 1 back, but with the green woodgrain toward the center on the back? So many options–make one of each! 🙂

    • P., I hadn’t even thought of using the woodgrain as a secondary fabric on the back of the pillow! That’s why I love comments and opinions, thanks for your suggestions! 😀 I’ll fool around with it more this evening after work.

      I’m trying to conserve my pathetic fabric stash, just one pillow for now. 😉

  2. Hi Tabatha, I love your blog and am adding it to my favourites. Both options are great so I don’t think you can go wrong, but my personal preference is option one. beautiful fabric choices!

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