Hello from cottage country!

Hello my little friend!

Packed and ready to hit the road.

How cute is this guy sitting on top of his toadstool amongst the hostas? This weekend my Juki and I went on a field trip to cottage country. We were invited up to my brother-in-law’s cottage on the Trent river. I knew the guys were planning to take off on their mountain bikes so I decided that it would be a perfect time to play.

Outdoor Sewing

My first challenge was that I only had one extension cord so I could either use the sewing machine or the iron, not both at the same time. There really wasn’t much room to work on my pillow so I just goofed off with scraps, I’d never done half square triangles yet so I cut a bunch of 2.5″ x 2.5″ in squares and sewed them together. When sewing all the HST together again I goofed, I wanted to make pinwheels but made angels instead. At least that’s what they looked like to me.

half triangle angels

After I sewed everything together I was able to iron all the seams.

hst seams

And here’s the block all quilted up. Almost everything matched up nicely except the bottom right “angel”.  Not bad for a first

HST quilted block

When my husband came back from his bike ride, he pick up something on his way home…


The canoe, not the Pug. ;D We’ve christened her “Ginger” as in Gilligan’s Island. We’ll be making a lot more trips up to the cottage this summer and I’ll be doing more outdoor sewing but I think I’ll cut my fabric at home and bringing it up with me instead of lugging my big cutting mat up.

The wallpaper in the cottage was 70’s phenomenal, I’m considering making it into fabric as there are some extra rolls.

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