Hexies by hand

Cookie thinks it's a great mat to sit on!

My hexes are coming along well. I made some mistakes but was able to undo and remove some pieces to replace them with others, I’ve also changed the shape. Instead of attempting to make a rectangle or square, I’ve decided to let the design dictate the overall shape. I want to attempt to sew a binding to follow the finished shape by tracing the out line then adding a 1/4″ seam allowance and clipping where needed. I suppose I could simply applique it onto another piece of fabric but what fun would that be? 😀

Step off the Hexies!


4 thoughts on “Hexies by hand

  1. The question remains, how the heck am I going to quilt this?! These hexes are only 1″ x 1″, I have some larger ones using the Swoon fabric which I’m going to somehow incorporate. Today is our last day at the cottage, dh wants to work on the house. The good news is I have some fabric waiting for me!!

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