Dresden Pillow Done

Dresden Plate Pillow Front

Dresden Plate Pillow Back (HST)

Dresden Pillow in it's natural habitat

I spent yesterday morning quilting the back then DH and I went for a dim sum brunch and I goofed off all afternoon in our kiddy pool, it was such a beautiful day. This morning I completely finished the pillow cover then tossed it in the washer/dryer. I’m super happy with the results, I put a lot of time and love into this pillow.

My next task is to make a Bremen flag table topper.

2 thoughts on “Dresden Pillow Done

  1. It’s beautiful! Nice job on the quilting! It looks great in its natural habitat.

    Any particular reason why the Bremen flag, other than it’s a cool pattern? I visited there once a few years ago. Cool city, wish I could have stayed longer.

    • Hi P.! My husband grew up in Bremen and his Mother still lives there. We visited her last October and will go again next spring, can’t wait! Such a cool city, so much art everywhere!

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