Spin Doctor Seuss

Spin Doctor Seuss Blocks

Both DH and I have colleagues expecting babies in September so I’m working on some stroller blankies  for gifts. One is Dr. Seuss whirligigs (another first for me) which I’m calling “Spin Doctor Seuss”, a take off on the band, Spin Doctors. I’m using flannel but I only have 4 prints, I’ll need another print or two.

You’ve already seen blocks from the second blankie using 1930’s reproduction fabrics. I’m thankful the weather isn’t going to be very good this weekend because I can use that time to work on my projects.

1930's Reproduction Fabric

I was poking around the Moda Bake Shop during lunch and found this pattern for a table runner, “Garden Party”. I love the design and think it would be great for my Moda Dogwood Trail charm pack!

What do you think? Too advanced? My Mom’s birthday is just a week away, I’d better get a lot done this weekend to get everything finished in time.

Moda Bake Shop: Garden Party


3 thoughts on “Spin Doctor Seuss

  1. Too advanced? Heck no! That block is called “Card Trick” and I remember it was part of the very first sampler quilt I ever made. Very cool visual effect of overlapping, and it would make a cute table runner.

    Spin Doctor Seuss – I love it (and loved the Spin Doctors back in the day)! Whirligig blocks are awesome!

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