Fabrics then and now

Tula Pink's Aviary Dreamscape in Mint

In the past few months I’ve been purchasing some older Joel Dewberry (Deer Valley, Modern Meadow, Aviary 2),  and Tula Pink prints (Flutterby, Parisville), I wasn’t quilting when these collections were released. It’s sad that some are out of print already, especially  Tula’s  Aviary Dreamscape from her Plume collection. Sure, you can buy it on Etsy for four times what someone paid when it first came out but I just can’t bring myself to shell out  that kinda coin for those inflated prices. I’m quite sure I’ll live without. Thankfully there are some non fabric specific hoarders vendors that just happen to have some left over and will sell for the same price they purchased it for. I’m also thankful for some non Etsy vendors who still have bolts of Deer Valley and other OOP fabrics at regular prices.

Tina Givens Pernilla Journey Elephant Run

New fabrics I’m interested in include Paula Prass’ Botanica, Wing Study and Wink Wink in Aqua, and Lotta Jansdotter’s Echo, Spring Buds. Tina Givens’ Pernillas’ Journey has really captured my imagination, I’ve ordered a half yard of Elephant Run in Cotton Candy and will order more once I see the actual colours in person.

Which OOP fabrics do you long for? Why do the manufacturers retire popular prints so quickly??

Antler Damask

And speaking of fabrics, I need help! I purchased Joel Dewberry’s Antler Damask in Tarragon and haven’t got a clue what colours to pair it with. I tried brown and orange but that was hideous. Fuchsia? Purple?

Disclaimer: I do not work for Hawthorne Threads, nor do I receive free fabric from them. I order from them because they have great prices and customer service.

4 thoughts on “Fabrics then and now

  1. I should have bought the paint-by-number print fabric when it was available (I forget the designer at the moment). That was when I first discovered that fabric lines don’t last long and when they’re gone, they’re gone. Most recently, I coveted a cherry blossom print I saw on someone’s blog and inquired about it. Couldn’t find it anywhere but she said her local quilt store had bolts of it! She agreed to buy some for me and send it. How generous!

    With that Antler Damask, I’d stick with a neutral. How about grey? Or border it with white or off-white so your other color isn’t right up against it, maybe. I’ve always loved a green and yellow color combination.

    • What happened to supply and demand? When books sell out, the printers do a second run. Why not with popular fabrics? I don’t know how long that window of opportunity lasts but I now jump on fabrics when they’re available as I’m sure many do!

      Thanks for the suggestion of using grey with the tarragon Antler Damask, I’ll have to try that. Everything looked very drab with orange and brown.

  2. Hi. Can you tell me where I might be able to locate a few yrds of the oop pernallas journey elephant run in cotton candy. I can’t find it anywhere.

  3. I’d go with a pale yellow or a soft sage green with your deer fabric but I think I am responding way late to an old post”
    I agree…why can’t they reprint great fabric designs? After all that hard work that the designers do, and the rabid fan following, it would only make sense for everybody!

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