Where are you?

Wanted: Quilters who work full time (8 to 9 hours/day minimum) outside the home, do not own sponsored blogs and absolutely can not finished a twin size quilt in one week (let alone a month) and can not bake a Black Forest cake from scratch if their life depended on it.

Where are the quilt bloggers who don’t get free fabric from stores, manufacturers or designers, and fabric cutters in exchange for endless positive reviews? If you’re one of the 3 people who haven’t yet won or been given a fabric cutter, please raise your hand. Who hasn’t left their day job to start an Etsy store?

Am I alone? I feel like I am. Perhaps it’s just the world of quilt bloggers where I truly feel lost.

I praise tools and equipment because I like them and they work well. I post fabric purchases and mention fabric shops because they have a great selection, customer service and fast shipping. I’m not afraid to throw rotten tomatoes at places that jerk me around. I’m not afraid to tell it like it is when something goes wrong or a product is crap.

To be honest, I don’t have sponsors because I’m not popular and don’t have enough followers, which is fine with me. Sometimes it’s really nice to not have a big popular blog because sometimes I just don’t have the time or energy.

Do you love your life despite the fact that you have very little time to quilt? Are you out there? I want to embrace you!


10 thoughts on “Where are you?

  1. Well, I work a couple part-time jobs, both at home and outside, and I still can’t finish things very fast. There are lots of us just like you. Just keep doing what you do, whenever you can work it in, because you love it. That’s it. Simple.

    • P., a couple of part time jobs in and out of the home certainly count!

      I do love to quilt, I just really wish I had more time to do it and feel very frustrated sometimes.

  2. What an interesting post! You are definitely not alone. From what I’ve seen, I actually think most quilt bloggers are probably like you and me (I’m at home right now, but busy with my little munchkins and I will be going back to my job in a couple of years). I suspect that the bloggers you are talking about are trying to make their living from quilting, hence the sponsors, etc. And they probably don’t sleep much. That’s not meant to be a snarky comment, but it’s probably true. When I have super productive weeks, it’s usually because I’ve stayed up really late for several nights — not ideal, but quilting hours are few during daylight. I also can’t sustain it for long either.

    I find that I’m spending almost as much time blogging as I spend quilting. Hopefully that’s because I’m still learning how to do it and that will go down as I get more familiar with tools, widgets, etc. I’ve actually found that I’m enjoying the blogging part even more than I thought because it’s giving me more of a drive to try new things and finish projects, but also because of the people I’m meeting — like you!

    I’m curious about what prompted you to start a blog and if that reason is still your main driver. I’m finding that those drivers are changing a bit for me and I’m not sure which direction I want to go in.

    • Hi M-R, welcome home!

      This post has been on the back burner for awhile. It seems that recently, a number of bloggers would introduce a new sponsor weekly and their blogs just seemed to morph into informercials for fabric and products. Also, a fellow blogger just started a new full time job and wondered how everyone managed to find time to sew when working. I’ve been frustrated for awhile with the lack of free time. Perhaps I’m jealous of the folks who seemingly have nothing to do with their lives but quilt and bake though in all honesty, I think I’d go nuts in their shoes. 😉

  3. I enjoy blogging, and crafting gives me something to write about. I love seeing what other people make, and what they say about it as well. I even enjoy seeing those products, fabric and more because a lot of them aren’t available near where I live, so I wouldn’t see them otherwise. Wouldn’t mind being able to live off of my sewing and crafting and blogging, but I’m No Where Near That Now. So yeah, I work, and take care of my family, and all those things. Since I’m a teacher, I get a couple of months where I can do more crafting, but so much other stuff gets put off until then that it doesn’t provide as much time as you might think. One thing I have done is found a sewing buddy. My cousin and I sew together most Sunday afternoons. We get a good bit of sewing done on our cooperative projects and we have a great time chatting.

    You may have more of a following than you think, from people like me, who don’t officially subscribe or follow a lot of blogs, but who do check in once or twice a week and see what you are up to!

    • I agree Dina, I need a sewing buddy, someone with as little time as I do, who can hang out once a month so I feel like I have a life outside work and enjoy myself! I’ve been considering an ad on Kijiji… Not kidding!

      Oh geeze, don’t tell me I have followers! I want to be free and uninhibited! ;D

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