Progress is slow

Today we had brunch at the Royal Tea House, I think they hired a new chef because everything was extra delicious! This fabric was used on a bag I saw at the Pacific Mall in Markham, no, I didn’t buy the bag but I would have loved to have purchased the fabric if it were available! I love the little cactus girls as well as the milk carton and milk bottles with horns. Where is the connection between cows and cactus? Cactus milk of course!

Yesterday we drove through St. Catherines, Niagara on the Lake and Niagara Falls. We brought the Pugs with us but it was a big mistake, it was 33c, far too hot for them to walk around. More hexies were sewn on our drive to and from the region, a 2+ hour drive each way.


Last weekend I pieced together the Dresden Plate table runner I’m making for my Mother-in-Law’s birthday at the end of October, I don’t know how I’m going to quilt it, I don’t want to echo the plates as I did in my pillow. Suggestions?

Also working on the Spin Dr. Seuss QAYG baby blanket, I need more green dot for sashing, thought I had more but don’t, damn!

1 thought on “Progress is slow

  1. Quilting the Dresdens…how about quilting in the ditch of the “spokes” (for lack of a better name for them), and about every third one, carrying that straight quilting line out to the edge of the runner (or to whatever divides one plate block from another)? That’s all I got for ideas. Unless you want to do a spiral starting with the circle and going outward?

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