Second Quilt Complete!

I finally had some time last weekend, to work on a new baby quilt from start to finish, remarkable! Friday night I started working on the 6 patch QAYG using 30’s reproduction fabrics but I just wasn’t feeling it.  So, I decided to take a cue from Elizabeth and make a quilt-as-you-go HST warm/cool quilt.

I used all of my favourite fabics in this quilt — Tula Pink Parisville & Prince Charming, Joel Dewberry’s Heirloom & Aviary, a tiny bit of Amy Butler, even a little Kaleidoscope.

After I’d sewn a bunch of half square triangles, I arranged them until I found a pattern I’d like then sewed the rows together. I took a piece of fleece and spray basted Joel Dewberry’s Herringbone to one side and ironed it, making sure the fabric was as flat and smooth as possible. I took the first strip and sewed it to the top of the batting then took the second row of hst and, with right sides together, stitched 1/4″ from the bottom of the first row and pressed it down and quilted on either side of the seam. I continued until all rows were sewn on, pressed flat and quilted. I added a little more quilting following the mid diamond shapes. Finally, I used Tula Pink’s Pince Charming for the binding.

This quilt will be a gift for my husband’s colleague’s new baby, Emily. I just finished sewing the binding last night and have had no time to make a label. I’m really happy with the way it turned out, so is hubby, I hope Emily’s Mom & Dad like it too.

13 thoughts on “Second Quilt Complete!

  1. Your work is just fantastic!!!
    Thanks to your videos on the Juki F600 I bought one too and I am very happy with it
    I’ve seen many quilts done with the QAYG method but yours has a beautiful finish..
    I didn’t quite understand though how you did it. Please can you tell me if there videos or photos around in internet that can help me understand it? I would just love to do a quilt with this method.

    • Wow, thanks Linda! I’m still very happy with my Juki although the thread cutter has ceased to work. I’ll have it fixed on it’s first check-up. It can be jolted out of place in travel and I did bring it up to the cottage with me on some rough roads.

      I’ll be making a quilt for my husband and I, I’m not sure if I’ll use this method or not. Have you heard of the stip method? If so, it’s essentially the same except I assembled the blocks into strips prior to QAYG.

      Email me if you’re still unclear, the Missouri Star Quilt Company has a video tutorial.

      • I’ve not heard of this method of quilting Tabatha, I’m quite new at this.
        I’ve tried looking at the Missouri site but cannot find it. Can you tell me where it is please?
        Keep on with your great work!

    • Hi again Linda,

      Here’s a link to the Missouri Star Quilt company’s Quilt-as-You-Go method. I made a bundh of half square triangles and sewed them into strips, then sewed my strips down as they do in the video (except matching up the seams).

      Does that make sense?



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