Facebook Terms of Service

Recently, Elizabeth at Don’t Call Me Betsy posted about social media. This past week, Facebook made many changes to their software and added many new features which people really didn’t like. Not only did they change features however, they also changed their Terms of Service. I am just as guilty as everyone else in that I never read it in the first place but did you know that anything you post on Facebook including photos, can be reused at any time, by Facebook, FOREVER?

That’s right, the photos that you so called copyrighted, can be used by Facebook because you checked that little box when you signed up. You gave away your rights to any and all content you post on Facebook. It doesn’t matter if you’re an individual, small company or large. Even if you disable your account, Facebook retains a copy of all your material, forever.

For more comprehensive article on this subject, follow this link to The Consumerist.

I’ve disabled my account and have joined Google+, I will loose out on all those giveaways which require you to like them on Facebook but it’s a small price to pay. Of course I could open a new Facebook account and post nothing just to enter the giveaways but quite honestly, I really dislike Facebook and was tremendously relieved when I closed my account.

My techie husband said, “Facebook is the new My Space”.


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