Fabric Infusion

I rewarded myself today, for making it through my first week of (new) employment. It’s always stressful to start a new job in a new place with new people but add to this stress the loss of our 16 year old cat, Angus and I barely made it through. We keep expecting to see him in his usual spots, always disappointed when he’s not there.

Now on to the fun, uplifting stuff, fabric shopping!

13 Cotton Couture Solids

My fabric stash is sorely missing solids so I delved into these delicious Sandi Henderson (for Michael Miller) Cotton Couture Solids, 13 in total, YUMMY! I love the variety and hues of this collection, I’m sure I’ll be using them over and over in future projects.

Another fabric line I’ve been lusting after for awhile now is Storyboek by Jay-Cyn Designs. I know I can find some super cute projects to make for my neices with the little Field Stroll print and a little something for myself and friends with the rest.

Storyboek by Jay-Cyn Designs

I also added some Anna Maria Horner Loulouthi Flannels to my shopping cart. I plan to make a mini quilt for our Devon Rex Cat who used to snuggle with Angus, we considered them husband and wife. To say she’s a little lost without him is an understatement. I’m surprised she hasn’t chosen another pet to cozy up to.

Anna Maria Horner's Loulouthi

I added a few other fabrics to my cart which I thought were good basics I could use in almost any project, Kei Japan Geo Style, Checkered Graph Blue/YellowMy Mind’s Eye for Riley Blake, So Sophie, Dots Blue and Dots Purple.

I just received notice that they’ve shipped so hopefully I’ll receive these goodies next week, just in time for my birthday! 😀

Fabric images and purchases from FabricWorm.com.


6 thoughts on “Fabric Infusion

  1. Yay for the new job! I hope it’s fun. That can be nervous.
    I’m very sorry for the loss of your Angus. He looks like a very sweet and precious little guy. Do you have any other kitties? I had two nice sisters and lost them about 10 years back…different reasons for passing but near each other. I swore I would never, never get another “kitty”. This year I have adopted two. Two boys (not related) this time. They are now 10 months and 8 months. What a joy! They warm your heart no matter how your day was…

    I love the solids. I don’t use them enough and really need to. I tend to use creams when I do use solids and I need to get out and around that. Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. What wonderful additions to the fabric stash! Love those Storyboek prints, especially the reds and the gray ones. Glad to hear you made it through the week at the new job. Hope it continues to go well!

  3. I am loving the fabrics! I am using more and more solids in different projects… need to post them! Thank you for the inspiration and ideas. 🙂

    Congratulations on making thru the 1st week! Besides finding a job, the 1st week is the most stressful!

  4. Ooh we have similar styles. I spent saturday afternoon sorting my solids and I have that storyboek collection. love love love! love fabricporn – i mean fabricworm too!

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