The Way She Sews It

I was mortified yesterday, when I realized that I hadn’t yet blogged about my winnings from P.’s giveaway from The Way I Sew it!

Giveaway Goodies


Not only did I receive a fabulous mug rug but just look at that adorable little Pyrex dish, photo card (P. did you take that shot?) and more than just a fat quarter of juicy fabric. Thank you P.!! That fabric is one that you admire and adore so much you’re afraid to cut into, I LOVE it!

If you haven’t come across P.’s blog yet, you might want to stop by, she’s a collector of all sorts of cool vintage goodies, a talented quilter, a great sense of humor and a fine taste in music!

I was able to get some sewing done today but not near enough. I’m having problems putting the snap on the back of the second pillow I’m making for my sister and haven’t received my fabric order yet. SewTara dropped by today and we had ourselves a little fabric swap, YAY!

1 thought on “The Way She Sews It

  1. No need to be mortified, I knew you’d gotten it just fine! I wish I could say I took that photo, but I didn’t. Cool though, huh? The fabric makes an appearance in my kaleidoscope quilt in a couple squares. I think we’re kindred spirits when it comes to fabrics that are bold and colorful. Enjoy!

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