Yes I can!

Check out my first free motion quilting efforts using Bernina’s Stitch Regulator on my new 550 QE:

Free Motion Quilting and Applique

Free Motion Quilting and Applique

Close up of FMQYY

You can see I tried some meandering, swirls and pebbles and although my fabric movement wasn’t perfect, the stitch quality is quite good, I really love the BSR!! Below is a sample using the walking foot  following the pattern on Joel Dewberry’s Heirloom fabric.

Walking Foot Test

Noodle Head Zippy Wallet


Just for fun I made this little zippy wallet using Noodlehead’s Zippy Wallet tutorial using my Cosmo Cricket’s Circa 1939 fabric. I also made Noodlehead’s basic boy’s wallet using the same fabric (different pattern) for my nephew.

4 thoughts on “Yes I can!

  1. Wow! Thats lovely work. Well done! You did those curves very well.
    As my tests didn’t come out as good as yours can I ask you what stitch length and tension number you used with the BSR?
    Are you using a special thread too?

  2. Thanks Linda! I kept my stitch length at 2.5, the tension was machine default, did you check your presser foot pressure? I was also using Machingers Gloves which work really well to grip the fabric. I’m currently looking for some inexpensive teflon sheeting so I can slide my fabric around to achieve smoother lines.

  3. Yes, I did change my presser foot pressure but that didn’t help much. I didn’t use gloves though, perhaps this is the reason my curves where jerky. I have heard of a special rubber circle that is called a quilt halo and I was thinking of buying that together with a teflon sheet.
    Is your thread cotton?

    • I use whatever thread is within reach. The gloves helped tremendously and found a huge difference without. They’re now always beside the 550 QE! I may pick up a teflon sheet today, I just find them so expensive for such a small piece!

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