My Sister’s Quilt Finished!

I finished my sister’s quilt yesterday at about 1:00, DH didn’t want to be in the photo so I had to crop him out. This is the second quilt I’ve made, still haven’t tackled a full size bed quilt yet, perhaps in 2012. I quilted in a meandering pattern which I found difficult because my Bernina 550 QE isn’t sunk into the table, it just sits on top so I really had to wrestle with it. I’m going to have to figure something out for the next quilt I make because it created a few problems, especially when I had to stop and readjust the fabric. I pointed the flaws out to hubby but he said no one would ever notice — except me of course. But after a roll in the washer and dryer, I’m sure it’ll be better.

Quilt front

Quilt back

I got a lot of free motion quilting practice out of this exercise even though it was a bit of a chore. I tried using the stitch in the ditch sole on my walking foot when attaching the binding but found I was more accurate with the open sole. There are far too many different fabrics in this quilt to mention them all but I’m sure many of you will recognize a lot of them.

As promised, I made the offset square pincushion using the tutorial at PlanetJune, but not for the wrist. If you are not sure how to sew this offset square, start off larger, I made my squares 5″x5″ which was much more manageable. After making the blue one I thought there needed to be contrast between the top and bottom squares to show off the funky shape. I’m not finished the yellow/orange pincushion yet as I need a fun button and I have none in my stash.

Offset Square Pincushion

Offset Square Pincusion

Today I’m starting on another pillow, one with applique using this tutorial from Don’t Look Now.

10 thoughts on “My Sister’s Quilt Finished!

  1. Well done, indeed! It looks fantastic…

    And those pin cushions…. You’ve just inspired me to make some with some leftover fabrics I have collecting dust!

  2. Beautiful quilt! Have you looked into a quilting table for your machine? It is a table that slides in and gives you more flat surface to work on. Hope you come up with a solution, I know how frustrating that can be!

    • Hi Ginette, thanks for taking the time to swing by! I actually do have a second hand horn sewing table but the insert broke on the way home the day I bought it. I’m looking into having it replaced (before I make my next quilt!).

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