Don’t Look Now Flower Garden

My full time sewing vacation is sadly coming to an end, I’m back to the office on Tuesday.

Working on the Flower Garden Pillow Tutorial  by Don’t Look Now yesterday was an absolute joy, I loved every step of the process from choosing the fabrics to cutting out the little shapes and arranging them on the pillow top. I need more practice free motion sewing the applique pieces, I don’t feel like I have enough control of where the needle lands. I like the fusible batting but it’s much stiffer than regular batting and doesn’t move as smoothly, especially when it’s scrunched up against the arm of the sewing machine. I’ll use up what I have but I think I’ll stick with adhesive quilting spray and plain cotton batting.

Flower Applique

My free motion quilting is getting better I think, I really love the small swirly daisy design and dense quilting. I used a variety of Patricia Bravo fabrics for the flowers and a variety of green fabrics from my stash for the leaves.

My shoulders, neck and collar bones were killing me after quilting, I had the heating blanket around my neck and shoulders while watching tv last night. All the tutorials tell you to relax but its easier said than done for a beginner!

Close-up of quilting

I’m going to create another applique design today using inspiration from the illustrations at Shutterstock. Judi of Green Fairy Quilts  is amazingly talented and although I’m not a long arm quilter, I’d like to try out a lot of the patterns she uses including her dragonfly.


10 thoughts on “Don’t Look Now Flower Garden

  1. Super cute!! I can’t believe how fast you’re whipping this stuff out. You are really doing a fine job! The bird with his tail feathers is adorable. Yeah, I’ve used the fusible batting once on a very small wall hanging, and it was fine for that, but I agree, it felt a bit stiff. Enjoy the weekend before your return to work!

    • I’m only able to whip this stuff out because I have no other commitments stopping me at the moment. If you haven’t already, try out the applique and quilting, tons of fun!

  2. The piece is just lovely! I can’t imagine the “pain in the neck” after doing all that free motion quilting. As for me, I just go slow…. an hour or two a day is all I can take of that. I’m getting better at it though.

  3. Wow, well done, Tabatha! I love your fabric choices. Watch your shoulders — I’m at physio now for an old injury that has never fully gone away. I’m going to start setting a timer so that I get up every 10 minutes or so. Also, I went out and bought a better chair. Found a good one on sale for $80 at Staples — should have done it eons ago!

    • I actually have 2 good chairs, one from a garage sale and one from the street but I’m not sure at what level the sewing machine should be at. Should I be high or medium? Too high and I can’t see where I’m going. I always find myself hunched over.

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