More Applique and Free Motion Quilting

I finished this little pillow top this morning.

Bird perched on milkweed

My stitching is getting a little better, I used Tula Pink for the flowers and Joel Dewberry for the bird. While I was quilting yesterday evening, DH brought me some New Year’s Eve snacks.

New Year's Eve Snacks!

Today I’m going to start working on this tree, I may omit the bird.

Tree Sketch

12 thoughts on “More Applique and Free Motion Quilting

    • Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog and leave a comment! I guess the next step is to build up an inventory and yes I agree, life does get in the way! 😀

  1. That looks great!
    I want to try my hand at the free motion quilting. I’ve not tried anything much with my machine other than straight stitching and zig zag.
    I could do pillows and placemats and things with the free motion if I can figure out how to use it.

  2. What beautiful designs (and tasty looking snacks, yum!), I especially like the little birdie! I have been tempted to do an etsy shop for a while, building up stock right now until we move and taking commission jobs where I get them. It’s such a large thing to step out for a shop of one’s own, so it has been making me nervous! I have been waiting recently because I need to get a business license first (I wouldn’t try it in Texas without it, they fine little businesses for everything it seems, even charge for a person to have a garage sale!). Do you have hurdles like that to go through? Do you do/attend/sell at craft shows right now? I truly wish you well!!

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