Bird or no bird?

That is the question. I don’t want a little birdie on every pillow cover but it’s a simple shape and focal point.

Mod Tree

I started this pillow cover yesterday by creating a sketch then tracing the shapes onto fusible paper. After fusing paper to the fabric I placed and ironed the base pieces and used a blanket stitch to secure them to the background fabric.

Sketch v. Results

I wanted the applique to pop so I fused all the other pieces to batting them used spray to adhere them to the composition and blanket stitched around those.

fabric fused to batting

I thought about free motion quilting a modified square motif and practiced on a scrap but didn’t like the results so stuck with the tried and true swirly daisies. I think I’ll practice some feathers and pebbles tomorrow.

quilting close-up

When I showed DH, he said “Cool, a T.V. Tree!”.

4 thoughts on “Bird or no bird?

    • I love that swirling daily quilting motif too, can you tell? 😀 I don’t think this pillow cover appealed to many people as there aren’t many comments, perhaps it was my vibrant colour choices but I felt they were appropriate for the design. 😉

  1. I have really been enjoying seeing your quilting progress and experimentation with your new machine. Jealous! (in a good way) Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next!

    • Thanks Dina!! I’m always amazed that people actually follow my blog and I greatly appreciate your comments!! Thank you so much for visiting and taking the time to write.

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