Little Apples Dream Weaver

Just before the holidays, Craftsy had a sale on their online classes so I decided to sign up for their “Quick-Strip Paper Piecing” with Peggy Martin. I’m not a big fan of the stars but it’s something I wanted to learn and thought I could probably use this skill in other ways and in different projects. I knew going into this that I definitely didn’t want to use any batiks,no red and black together, or browns for that matter. Get my drift? I wanted a modern star with modern fabrics.

Little Apples Dream Weaver

Using a Little Apples jelly roll by Aneela Hoey and Kona Coal, I think I achieved my goal. This block was actually very easy but you need to watch the videos and pay attention. I somehow managed to loose one of the paper pieces in my massive fabric mess.

Dream Weaver Points

The next block I’m going to attempt is “Pinwheel Polka”, a 4-point star which I actually quite like. Not sure which fabric I’ll use yet.

And speaking of fabric (what a segway huh?), I ordered a shed load of Liz Scott’s Domestic Bliss today, I hope it doesn’t take too long to arrive, can’t wait!!

Image courtesy Pink Chalk Fabrics

6 thoughts on “Little Apples Dream Weaver

  1. I love how that star looks like it’s spinning. Very cool! What do you think of the Craftsy class? I’ve taken one of Quilt University’s, which was good.

    • I love the Craftsy classes, they’re very in depth, interactive and available whenever you are. You’re a much more accomplished quilter than I am so I’m not sure you’d learned anything new.

  2. I just signed up for that class too!! Haven’t started it yet though. I am trying to get my own blog on here going – I am the pencil and paper type and not very tech-y.

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