Yummy, Delicious Fabric!

Often when I describe fabric, it relates to taste such as “delicious” or “yummy” or “juicy”. I don’t know why that is, but that’s how I’d describe some of the fabrics I received this week, especially the ones I purchased from Amy Dunn at Pinked Fabrics on Etsy.

If I could taste these fabrics, they’d be peppermint I think, like a candy cane or one of those pink chalky candies my grandma used to keep in her purse and give us to keep quiet in church. I loved those candies and I miss my Grandma. Can you taste them?

Ruby by Bonnie and Camille for Moda:

quirky in aqua
retro in aqua
sundae in aqua
sundae in ruby
sundae in sherbet
dot in aqua
bella solids in robin’s egg

There are some fabrics from Joanne’s thrown in there, we don’t have a Joanne’s here in Canada and I rarely ever get the chance to shopping (physically) in the States.

Two more days till the weekend!!

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