A lot of starts but no finishes.

I made myself a heck of a lot of WIPs this weekend, it was as though I couldn’t stick with one project and kept flitting around. Typically, I don’t start something new until I finish the current project.

The first project I started was Circle of Geese, downloading the instructions and templates from Piece by Number.  Admittedly I didn’t read the instructions, the blocks were fine but I didn’t realize that there were 2 templates, 2 clockwise and 2 counter-clockwise. I made some of each and couldn’t complete a circle.

Not wanting to waste valuable time, I started working on another pair of oven mitts as they seem to be very popular on Craftsy. Once I got down to the hand sewing part, I moved on to my Pezzy prints charm packs and Kona white jelly roll. Just simple blocks, pezzies encompassed with white, fast and easy. I have Pezzy Prints coming in a jelly roll so I want to reverse the blocks.

I also started working on our own personal quilt in orange and turquoise half square triangles. Instead of drawing a diagonal line through the square of fabric and sewing a 1/4″ on either side, I sewed all around the block’s edges then cut through them diagonally both ways. It makes a smaller block but you get more half triangles faster.

Pezzy Geese

Believe it or not, I tried the Circle of Geese again and made the same mistake.

Lastly, I started a strip quilt using my little apples jelly roll. I thought about the Craftsy BOM sew along I’m participating in and decided to make it more interesting by slashing through the rows and inserting Kona white jelly roll strips.

Wonky Strip Quilt

Notice anything different? I was initially going to pick a simple white template for my blog and use my own header from a photo but I really fell in love with this theme. It’s been a very busy weekend and I’m pooped, what a mess!

7 thoughts on “A lot of starts but no finishes.

  1. First, I love your new theme! Second, I was just mooning over that fabric you used for your oven mitts yesterday (didn’t buy any but it’s fabulous). Third, that Circle of Geese is one of my bucket list things I plan to tackle this year. I’ve printed out the directions too a while ago but didn’t read them, so thanks for pointing that out, the directional thing. I appreciate being forewarned but I’m sorry for your boo-boo. Cute strippy quilt too!

    • Circa 1939 by Cosmo Cricket is a great fabric for men or women even though it’s modeled after old typewriter keys and type, get some! The key with the Circle of Geese block is to make 4 blocks either way to complete the circle.

  2. I love the new look, so colorful! For some reason I too started a whole bunch of things this past week and actually managed to get a few finished on time. Must be the new year.

  3. I sure know what you mean about having too many WIPs! I’m the same way! I love to start things but have a terrible time actually finishing them. That’s why I’ve started the Finish it Friday series (http://alifefulloflaughter.com/category/finish-it-friday) on my blog. I’d love for you to visit & check it out! Plus I recently set up a Finish it Friday Facebook Group (http://www.facebook.com/groups/168535663250545/) too. Either way…..I think your projects look awesome!

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