Fabulous Fabric and AURIFIL, Finally!

Domestic Bliss, Kona Solids & Aurifil Thread!

This week is turning out to be fabulous already! Yesterday I found Kona white yardage, 4 charm packs and Aurifil thread  in my post box. I have been begging for some Aurifil thread in every giveaway known to man kind to no avail, so since the Fat Quarter Shop has it on sale till the end of January 2012 (I should place another order!!) I thought I’d try some out. It looks wonderful with a gorgeous sheen but I’ll have to wait till the weekend to try it out.

Today I received my order from Pink Chalk Fabrics, a juicy fat stack of Liz Scott’s Domestic Bliss, 12 half yards of fantastic prints and colours, what a terrific  line! And since I was running out of Kona Ash, I decided to invest in some Kona Medium Grey, I’m quickly learning that you can never have enough solids in your stash!

Please note that I have no sponsors and have not received any freebees from either of the online fabric shops mentioned in this post. Modern designer quilting cottons are difficult to find in my area and if you do find some, the entire line is not available. Further, when you do find designer fabrics, they’re over priced, it’s often less expensive to purchase fabrics from the U.S., even with shipping charges. So sad.


7 thoughts on “Fabulous Fabric and AURIFIL, Finally!

  1. Tabatha, you’re going to love your Aurifil thread. I started using it about a year ago and now I don’t want to use anything else. Not cheap, its true, but it’s worth it. So much less “linty” than other brands I’ve tried.

    • Thanks for your comment Marie, I’m looking forward to using my new Aurifil thread this weekend, I’ll be sure to clean and oil my machine before I start so I can compare!

  2. I’m glad to hear that you have so much luck ordering fabric from the US. I will have to give it a try, I live in Kingston so I have even less choices for these fabric at a responsible price and being able to get what I really want. I will have to try heading over the boarder when it gets nice weather to see what I can find. I think it’s time for a road trip. 🙂

    • Hi Natalie, the fabric takes about 2 weeks to arrive but it’s worth it to get exactly what you want! Email me if you want to chat about it. Have fun on you road trip!

  3. Tabitha, I have been using Aurifil threads for @ 6 years now, maybe a little less, But wanted to say you will not be disappointed! I found them while away for the weekend on my own little hotel retreat. Just me, my machine, and projects, but no thread! Found a LQS and they had @ 6 lt. gray spools in a basket, and the shop owner said they were her favorite, so I tried it, and haven’t used anything since! Came home and threw all of my old threads away!

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