What am I going to sew this weekend?

Any suggestions? I’ll definitely work on a few more Pezzy blocks while I wait for my Pezzy jelly roll, I have more half square triangles to make for our own personal quilt and maybe I’ll give the circle of geese one more shot. (WIP post here.)

a doodle from workI was surfing around on my lunch break today and came across a few blocks I’d like to try. I love the Lynne Bob Square Pants block and this Zombie Bob Square Pants pillow. I adore the Lattice Work quilt at Freshly Pieced, I think my newly acquired fabrics would look fantastic with this pattern! Maybe I’ll make a lattice work pillow.

I was doodling while on the phone today and thought it would make a cool, mid century modern quilt (without the letter ‘a’).

One other thing I’d like to do this weekend is give my new  Aurifil thread a run for it’s  (my?) money!

I wanted to add a little ode to our old Pug puppy Winston, he’ll be 15 this July. We adopted him from a rescue organization when he was 5 years old. He was suffering from severe allergies, his life consisted of scratching himself bloody and was mostly hairless. As a last resort, after umpteen different medications and special commercial diets, he was put on a raw chicken diet. He quickly improved without any medications, his fur started to grow back and the itching stopped. We continued the raw food diet and extended it to our other pets. Eight + years later he’s mostly def, almost completely blind from cataracts and isn’t as spry as he used to be but he still goofs off, waggles his tail and enjoys his bones. We don’t know how much longer he’ll be with us but we’re hoping at least a year if not longer.  Many people think Pugs are ugly but to us, they’re perfect and whether you love them or not, they always think you’re the best person in the world and will always be your friend. Pugs were bred to be companion dogs and they do their job exceptionally well.


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