Yesterday I was ruminating on what to sew this weekend and mentioned that I really love the Urban Lattice quilt. After reading the instructions for the sew along, I wondered why they paper pieced such a simple block, was it because everything was on the bias? This morning I was reviewing the quilt as you go sew along tutorial when it occurred to me that you could simply use batting to stabilize the bias lattice blocks and quilt as you go instead of paper piecing, skipping the step of tearing out the paper, which drives me crazy (and often pulls out stitches in the process). I’m sure I’m not the first (or last) person to think of this but it was a eureka moment for me. 😀

So, my plan for this weekend is to make four lattice QAYG blocks using some of my new fabrics, to make a pillow cover and experiment with colours. I’m cruising through the Urban Lattice Flicker group and taking note of the quilts I like best. Most use colours for the centre square of the lattice and solids for the border and thinner lattice work. There were a few quilts that used tones to give the second diamond a three dimensional effect which I really liked. I wasn’t fond of the tiny centre diamonds surrounded by a lot of solids but that’s just me.

What if you created a scrappy lattice quilt, what would that look like? What if the inner diamond was sold and the surrounding diamond was scrappy? What if you used a non-solid for the thin lattice lines? What if those lines were fatter?

Is anyone interested in a quilt as you go urban lattice tutorial or quilt along?

I think I’m going to have fun this weekend, one more sleep!!


4 thoughts on “Eureka!

    • Wow, thank Laurie and thanks for taking the time to stop by and leave a comment!

      I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Bernina 550 QE and can’t wait to sew on it every weekend. It has it’s quirks but they’re so minor, I can’t even think of them now. I love cleaning out the lint and giving her a drink.

      How are YOU doing?? I haven’t been on Facebook much lately except to create a page for Bending Pins.

      • Not too much. We had a sad event, on Jan 2 we have to send our dog to the rainbow bridge and it was heartbreaking for the whole family but I’m still lost and miss her terribly. But I started a new project two nights ago a new to me quilt as you go with strips. So I’m working on that.

  1. Sounds like a great idea and I’d love to participate but I’ve already got two QALs going at the moment, plus my own challenge and my crazy list of projects. Maybe I can catch up once I’ve got some of my current projects finished.

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