Ladybug & Mushrooms = Luck

My first item available on Etsy, I don’t even have it bound yet! Will I be lucky?

The Aurifil thread was a dream to work with, I wish I had more colours!

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37 thoughts on “Ladybug & Mushrooms = Luck

    • Hi Diana, thank you so much, I just started FMQ as well! I purchased the Machine Quilting course on Craftsy (and a new sewing machine) just before Xmas. Good luck, you can do it!

  1. Beautiful, you have convinced me that I need to start ordering fabric from the US. Your FMQ is great you must Love doing it.

    • At least try it once Natalie, I can assure you, you won’t be disappointed. However, what really scares me is that I haven’t received a bill from the Government yet for the taxes. I shudder to think what that’s going to be!

  2. Hi Tabatha,
    If you’re looking for more AURIfil thread, let me know. I’m a Canadian distributor living in Ottawa and I’m always happy to ship thread. I carry ALL 252 colours in all four weights of cotton and also carry all 240 colours of the polyester and 184 colours of the wool thread.

    • Fantastic Mari, thanks for letting me know, I wouldn’t mind trying some 40wt thread, I really love a chunky look and I look looking at stitches. I think it comes from my days making shirts and top stitching.

  3. If you like a chunky look you would REALLY like the 28 wt cotton! I use it on all my customer quilts and they are always so pleased to be able to see all the stitching that they have paid for. The AURIfil threads also have such a radiance to them that the stitches they make are lovely to look at.

  4. Oooo!! I love it! FUN first project on TGIFF. πŸ˜€ Yeah, I’ve really enjoyed the Aurifil thread when I’ve used it. I’m switching over to it completely as my colors run out. I always get a disappointed “oh, yeah. . . ” moment when I’m using “old” threads now, and the lint builds up fast again in the undercarriage. I haven’t tried the 28 weight – sounds like if my machine will work with it, it’d be perfect for a particular portion of a special UFO coming up in a couple of months.

  5. Tabatha, this is gorgeous and your FMQ is stunning! I love that you used different motifs — it’s like you fmq’ed a scene in the background. Love it! Better get a move on on that binding though because I don’t think it’ll last long in your Etsy shop. πŸ™‚ Congrats!

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  7. Okay I just stumbled upon your website and so happy I did! I will be laying in bed thinking about that gorgeous set of mushrooms and laybugs and your crazy-amazing FMQ’ing for WEEKS – I swear! I JUST started a blog myself. I am a fellow Canadian and am feeling very lonely out here in my small town of BC! There is not one person my age who is interested in my kinda quilting – thus the blog! I need to “purge” somehow right?! I even joined the local Quilter’s Guild, but those sweet grannies just don’t get my style! Anyways, enough whining… thanx for the FABULOUS eye candy… hitting “follow!”

    • Awe, thanks Keitha! I had a great time creating this cushion top but because I have such a short attention span, I keep jumping around from project to project and idea to idea. Maybe because I find quilting so exciting? Who’d have thought?

      I think once you start looking around on other websites, you’ll find more people in your area. I know there aren’t very many “young” quilters in my area, most are retired and the stores cater to them.

      THANKS for commenting and introducing yourself, great to meet you!!

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