Pez – pez – pez – red

After yesterday’s blockapalooza I decided I HAD to do something with all the blocks I’m making.

Pezzy goodness

So, I came up with this new cushion top. I have more pezzy goodness on the back burner but I’m out of time this weekend.

I’m not happy that I couldn’t settle down yesterday but all is not lost, I really honed my patchwork skills, something I needed to work on and I certainly learned some new tricks, always good.

Hope you were more productive than I was!

13 thoughts on “Pez – pez – pez – red

  1. OMG look at your quilting! I’m swooning AND jealous! Oh hey, also saw you’d bought fabric, check out Intrepid Thread too, Julie has great prices. Oh and fabric shoppe too! Lol I’m a fabric junkie, can you tell?

    • Hi Jen, thanks for stopping by! I have visited Intrepid Thread and the Fabric Shoppe awhile ago, I’ll have to revisit them! Would love to see photos of your stash! 😉

    • Thanks Heather, I’ve been free motion quilting every weekend since Xmas. I do seem to be in a bit of a rut right now though, I need to branch out into different designs.

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