Honing My Skills

In the world of sewing, piecing seems like a relatively simple thing to do. Cut squares, sew straight lines. After all, when you’ve set in sleeves or sewn a collar onto a shirt, straight line sewing is child’s play.

Well, yes and no. If you’ve ever sewn a loooong straight line, you’ll soon discover that maybe it’s not so easy. Matching intersections? Again, not as easy as it seems. This weekend I did a lot of sewing short straight lines, ripping out seams and resewing short straight lines, sometimes three times! And it was always the most important seam, the one smack dab in the middle of a block!

Yesterday’s half square triangle optical illusion block was supposed to be the block pictured below in Ruby and turquoise. I recreated the block in the “traditional” way and I made sure that the scalloped fabric was all going in the same direction. I had a devil of a time trying to get the seams perfect, some just fell into place and others just wouldn’t cooperate but came close. Can you tell they’re the same pattern?


Awhile back I purchased the Houndstooth  Heritage pattern by Mary Lane Brown. It’s a bit of a puzzle because the pattern doesn’t really become visible until you have four blocks completed. I just wanted to try the block to see how it came together and since I don’t have any black in my stash and very little white, I thought I’d try turquoise and some Joel Dewberry.

It was a fun block to make, they’re relatively large but would still take a goodly amount of time to complete as there’s a lot of piecing involved. I quilted it echoing the pattern which wasn’t easy because some of those angles are tight, I had to use a fast fade marker to get it right.

Although the houndstooth will become a cushion cover, that’s the only item I came close to finishing, I still have to sew the backing and binding on. My task this week is to make a list of things I want to try and goals I want to accomplish for next weekend and stick to it!

Were you able to complete anything this weekend?

Sew Happy Geek


3 thoughts on “Honing My Skills

  1. Your houndstooth block looks very effective I’m sure it will make a lovely cushion cover. I’m looking forward to seeing what you complete next weekend 🙂

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