A Cocktail Table Topper Finish

This was a satisfying project and although it took me two days (between meals and going out for brunch and family time), it flew by as it so often does when you’re doing something you love. As I mentioned yesterday, these blocks came together quickly and easily. Each block was flanked by 2″ strips of Kona Coal sewn in rows then the rows were sewn together. I trimmed the edges and used a Pezzy Prints jelly roll as a frame then a Kona White jelly roll and finally a Kona Silver jelly roll for binding. Daymn those jelly rolls come in handy and saved me a ton of time!

Tomorrow is a holiday so I look forward to one more day of sewing, I was thinking of making a Swoon block or start on the Loulouthi flannel rag quilt I planned awhile back.

How was your weekend?! Tomorrow is flag day in the U.S., isn’t it?

14 thoughts on “A Cocktail Table Topper Finish

  1. I love it, I’m impressed with you could finish it in a weekend. I have been sewing up a storm this weekend as well and look forward to more tomorrow with family day. Love the extra time.

  2. I know that I looked at this yesterday…cannot believe I didn’t comment on it. It looks like lava lamps for sure. You did a wonderful job on the simplistic quilting of it. Beautiful!

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