All week I have been stressing and fretting over my Covert Robin partner, I’ve been through every single page of her blog. She doesn’t post any photos of her home, decor or even herself. I have no idea what she looks like or what colours her walls are. All I know if that she likes yellow and grey, owls, pennants and a couple of other things I dare not mention lest I give away her identity. But all in all, her blog doesn’t really tell me anything about her home life.

I have a few thoughts on what I’m going to make for her and I’ve downloaded this awesome bunny holding scissors embroidery file from Urban Threads.  I’m going to stitch it out but am not yet sure how to use it in a project, it’s just so friggin’ cute!

Happy sewing everyone!

7 thoughts on “Fretting

    • She’s not a quilter, she creates other adorable crafty items I can’t mention (lest I give her identity away). I love that bunny, glad I bought the file! You can also purchase the hand embroidery file, how fun is that?!

  1. Super cute!! What about a mini quilt to hang on the wall or a pillow? If she likes yellow and grey you can use those colors. I’m sure some room in her house must reflect the love of those colors. Or you could make a fun project bag or zippy pouch with the embroidered piece as the focal point.

    • I thought about a pillow but it would be too bulky to ship but I could make a standard size cushion cover (18″x18″?). Who doesn’t love a zippy pouch? Thanks for the ideas and taking the time to comment Amy!

  2. Not a quilter? there in lies your answer! Good luck, I’ve been through your blog and she is a lucky person to have you as a partner.


  3. Zippy pouch, tote bag, awesome mini quilt… Breathe deep, you’ll figure out something AWESOME! With that super cute embroidery bunny on it, as an added bonus.

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