Backyard Jellybean Quilt Top Done!

click image to enlarge

Current size is 53″ x 45″, should I add another border? Now for the backing, I have the better part of a yard in the grey bug jars, trees, orange print and birch trees. I’m also going to make a matching pillow.


20 thoughts on “Backyard Jellybean Quilt Top Done!

  1. That is so nice,you did an amazing job on it. I Love all the fabric that you show us. I’m always amazed how fast your quilts come together. I’m all excited because I finally got my quilt for my son long arm quilted. ( It had only been sitting there for about 6 years).

    I would be temped to add another broader, that way the baby could use it longer. I would mix up the fabric, you say you have left for the back, maybe a different pattern then the front. That way you could have it showing either side, even if you just do stripes or square it will change it up.

    • This was a very quick quilt to put together and even I was surprised! It’s a jellyroll quilt but I used yardage and even after cutting the 2 & 1/2″ strips it came together quickly! I did mess up the pattern unknowingly but after it’s all put together, quilted and loved, no one is going to know the difference. šŸ˜€

      Are you going to post your quilt on your blog?

      • Hi Tabatha, I let you know when I post the quilt on the blog. I have to get some fabric for the binding, I thought I had enough but no luck. So I will have to try to match it that’s the best I can do after all this time.

    • Thanks Mareenchen, it was great to have an excuse to purchase and use these fabrics! I popped over to your blog, love your rectangle squared block baby quilt!

  2. love the color scheme of this quilt! it is so soothing šŸ™‚ I’d say make it bigger, but then I’m perpetually adding more borders to make my quilts as big as possible, so maybe I’m not a good person to ask šŸ™‚

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  4. So cute!
    I love this fabric, I have some waiting myself. I have to finish a major project (1st quilt for my hubs-6 yrs in the making) before I can start a baby quilt that’s not due for another 6 wks.

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