In progress… Linen iPad Case

I made a Paded iPad case using the Polka Dot Chair tutorial but for me, it’s too big because I didn’t use the recommended padding. I also thought my fabric choices were too cutesy. So, I started creating my own pattern using dove grey Co-Co-Chi E Style fabric by Kokka Japan and Robert Kaufman’s Quilter’s Linen in grey.

After designing the front and back panels of my iPad sleeve, I cut four layers of batting 1/2″ smaller thenthan the panels and spray basted 2 layers of batting to the wrong sides of each. After sewing up the sides and bottom and reinforcing the corners with back stitching, I trimmed the corners as close as possible without comprimising the integrity of the fabric. Linen unravels easily!

I wanted the flap serve two purposes; 1. keep the iPad from slipping out of the sleeve and, 2. hold my stylus and ear buds. I created an invisible zipper and lined the inside completely and although I’m happy with the construction, it seems a little bulky and I’m not sure if I want the zipper on the outside, which is logical, or inside which is cleaner.

I may create another case to accomodate the little Bluetooth keyboard and some sort of handle. Keeping bulk down in the seams and corners is challenging when using batting and adding other elements.

This weekend has gone by way too fast, as usual. Sadly my day will be consumed with laundry and cleaning instead of sewing. I’m going to set it aside this project until I decide what method I’m going to use as a secure closure.

Hope you had a great productive weekend!


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