Paper & Books

My husband introduced me to an awesome new creative iPad app called “Paper” by 53. It’s hard to describe, you need to visit the website and look at the illustrations people have created to understand the beauty of this software! Currently the application is free, you need to pay for all the tools but a few are free, and I’m sure they’ll provide regular updates. (Click the image to see larger.)

And speaking of paper, not only did I receive my Zakka Style book today but also the Denyse Schmidt Modern Quilts Traditional Inspiration book! After briefly flipping through it, my favorite so far is the giant orange and red orange peel quilt, YUM! I took photos but I don’t know if I’m allowed by copyright law to post them, even to promote the book so I’ll just play it safe.

I’m going to cut some fabric this evening while watching Mad Men Season 1. We’ve seen it before but want to watch the first seasons again before buying the new season in iTunes, the new episodes aren’t available on tv here in Canada yet, boo! Ooo, getting my hairs cut tomorrow morning too, can’t wait!


Another doodle using “Paper”.

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