Covert Robin D-Day!

Today is link-up day and I’m happy to say that my package is wrapped and ready to drop in the mail box! I waffled around trying different quilting techniques which I learned isn’t a good thing to do when you’re meeting a deadline!

I stuck to the tried and true. I really hope my partner likes her gifts!




16 thoughts on “Covert Robin D-Day!

  1. Hi Tabitha,

    Karen from Sew Well Maide here, one of the Covert Robin co-hosts. Thanks for being so quick off the mark with linking up your incredibly beautiful creation. This is my first gift exchange and I am wowed by all the talent and generosity there is out there. Congratulations. I’m sure your gift recipient will be thrilled – who wouldn’t be?? Cheers, Karen

  2. How cute!!! I am sure she will love them, can’t wait to see what you get. I am going to live vicariously through you. I did something like that years ago and we each supplied a couple pcs of fabric to go in the project. All in a brown bag so u didnt know who’s bag it was. As i picked my bag i said please dont be Gabrielle please dont be gabrielle. Opened the bag and said oh crap, it is Gabrielle’s. She loves the really ugly fabrics, the uglier the better. We are talking old chenniele bed spread or old terry cloth towel or vreat grandma’s drapes. I had such a difficult time working with those fabrics, totally uninspired. I really tried hard to make it a growing experience but face it, I just was not ready to grow that much.

  3. Impressive. She will love what you created. I do not blog, facebook or tweet. Have begun following some quilter blogs by email to learn trends in quilting. Has been a long time for me, having not sewn in many years, and I am inspired every day. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. I’m pretty sure whomever gets that will feel like they won the MegaMillions. I’m envious of the free-stitching. I have no idea how to do that on my machine, I don’t think it would suppor tit but I love love LOVE the textured look. Excellent job!

  5. Lucky me! I am the recipient of this beautiful quilted cushion cover and I simply adore it! It is so gorgeous in person, so much more so even than the photo. And the bag and fabric were such a sweet bonus. Thank you so much!
    Jennet (

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