Bear Paw.v2 Update

Progress, finally but not without removing some stitching… Turns out that the corner pieces are too small as are the centre of the Bear Paws. I measured my half square triangles then cut the corner squares the same size, 1 & 1/2″ and they fit perfectly.

Although the paw centers are a smidge too small (1/8″), I stretched the fabric to make it work.

Today I’ll be working on my patchwork skirt, I think I’m going to use Ruby by Bonnie and Camille. I have a full yard of the Swoon print I purchased from Pinked Fabrics a little while ago as well as yardage of some other prints in the line. I can always mix in a little Vintage Modern as they all work together. I also bought some chevron twill tape in a few different colours which I’m going to use as the drawstring in my skirts and maybe a little embelishment, it’s too pretty to hide!

Happy holidays everyone, looking forward to many more long weekends!!

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