Pinked Fabrics

Pinked Fabrics is a shop on Etsy I discovered a few months ago which sells popular quilting fabrics, sweet twill tape and fabulous patterns. Amy bundles her fabric in fabulous little packages tied up with a pretty, reusable fabric ribbon, a hand written tag and innovative business card with pinked edges and of course, a piece of pinked fabric.

I’m very particular about my cuts of fabric, especially when purchasing a yard or less where an inch makes a big difference! Amy cuts each selection with care to ensure you get what you pay for.

Amy’s customer service is warm, friendly and fantastic, her communication is clear, concise and instant. Just message her and she’ll put together a bundle for you lickty split. Prices are on par and shipping is fast.

Amy also has a blog called “Lots of Pink Here” where she shares words and pictures of her projects, tutorials and family. And if that weren’t enough, she also has a shop called Any Dunn Designs for her hand made goods like this adorable sewing book, purses, zippy pouches, wallets and organizers. Click on the photo to see her perfect stitching!

This is not a paid advertisement, nor have I received any freebies. I have worked with Amy several times and feel she deserves a shout out for all her hard work and stellar customer service. Thank you Amy!


4 thoughts on “Pinked Fabrics

    • Amy, your sewing kit is awesome and your workmanship is excellent! And thank you again for your stellar customer service! I think we both got great deals on the bonus friendship! ;D

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