Shoo-Fly in Progress

Though the Shoo-Fly block isn’t particularity hard, there are a lot of little pieces and a lot of piecing. This is just one of four that make up the full 6″ block. I used a penny to demonstrate how small the finished squares are. I think the traditional blocks are all two colour but I’m going to use three, I feel you loose the pattern with just two colours but what do I know?

Thursday we brought Cookie in for surgery, she had a little growth removed from her upper eyelid which, in this breed, could irritate the cornea causing an ulcer. She had an ulcer in the right eye, zero tear production and Pigmentary Keratitis which leaves her with only 40% vision in that eye. Typical Pug problems. 😦

She has to wear the “cone of shame” for a minimum of 10 days, though she doesn’t try to remove it, she hates it and is very inactive with it on. We have to take it off for her to eat and go to the bathroom, otherwise she just stands staring at us with a pathetic look as though to say, “Why are you doing this too me? What did I do wrong??” Usually she a very silly, happy go lucky girl, I hate to see her so down in the dumps.

Winston, on the other hand, though 15 years old, is still goofy, blind as a bat (only sees shadows) due to cateracts and wobbly back legs which seems to be neurologic but thankfully isn’t in any pain. We don’t know how many years he has left in him so we’ll just love him one day at a time.


5 thoughts on “Shoo-Fly in Progress

    • Yeah, this Shoo-Fly block is going to take a little extra time just because there are so many pieces! We adopted Winston from a Pug rescue group when he was 5 years old, I find adult rescues bond easily, they’re so thankful to have a stable, permanent home. We adopted Cookie when she was 2.

      Have a great weekend Cathy!

  1. The one thing I missed after being thrown (quite literally) out of the house when I was 18, was my dog KoKo. I wasn’t there to say good-bye to her in her end. She did sit with me out on the street though…guess that was good-bye, eh. So love your dog…all day, everyday!!!
    The shoo-fly block is one of my favorites…looking good!

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