Keyka Lou City Tote

How cute is this bag? It’s listed in Keyka Lou’s patterns being retired on sale! The bird fabric is one of my favorites, I made a pillow for my sister with it and I love it on this shoulder bag. I also used Joel Dewberry’s Herringbone in pond, its a perfect match for the bird’s crown jewels. There are 4 hidden pockets on this bag, two on the outside and two inside.

For the interior I used Jay-Cyn Designs’ Organic, Birdie Spokes and Dottie in Sun. Instead of using the recommended fusible interfacing, I used white cotton which gives it a softer feel. This bag could potentially be reversible. Currently available in my Etsy Shop.

12 thoughts on “Keyka Lou City Tote

  1. Wow you’re on a bag making roll. It’s lovely and the the bird fabric is beautiful. Seeing your comment above don’t you find that sometimes it’s all the preparations that take the most time?

    • I find bags quick and easy to make, part of the whole instant gratification thing when the majority of your waking hours are spent doing things you don’t want to do. ;D I agree, preparation is probably 75% of making anything! Whoever thought of precuts is brilliant!!

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