Thank Goodness it’s Finished Friday!

Did you wonder where I’d gone? Nowhere, I just didn’t feel like blogging, maybe I sewed myself silly last weekend finishing 2 bags. But another weekend is here and I’m ready to make a bag for myself that holds all my digital gadgetry and still looks feminine. I’ve been working on ideas all week, let’s see if they come to fruition.

Enough of that, here’s what I finished last weekend, in case you missed it

First of all my husband bought me this nifty light box to take photos with. Although it’s too small for a cushion, I can still use the lights and a big piece of Kona white to take pictures. Okay, so although technically this isn’t something I created, this does help me create better photos!

Saturday I whipped up this adorable little messenger bag from Keyka Lou’s pattern. I added a pocket in the front flap with an invisible zipper, the more pockets the better, in my opinion! I used an Echino linen/cotton print for the flap, linen for the body and Happy Mochi Yum Yum for the interior.

Sunday I used my stash of Botanika to create Keyka Lou’s City Tote, what a cutie and it’s so easy to put together. Cutting all the pieces takes longer than sewing but I love the process and especially the results!  As with most sewing, cutting out the pieces takes the longest. Both these bags are available in my Etsy shop.

BTW, I know everyone’s crazy about Flickr but I just checked out Photobucket again today, I had an account previously but there has been some improvements. You can now add different frames and text, I don’t know if Flickr can do that but I certainly haven’t figured it out. Photobucket was really easy and intuitive, I think I’m going to keep some photos there. 😀

Although it’s still Thursday here in Canada, THANK GOODNESS IT’S FRIDAY!!


7 thoughts on “Thank Goodness it’s Finished Friday!

  1. Those bags are fabulous, Tabatha! You’ve got such a great eye for colour! What are the dimensions of the photo box. I’ve been thinking of making one.

    • The photo box is small but there are 3 different sizes available at Henry’s. Even if you don’t use the photo box, it’s worth it to get the lights and stands! I find I’m using a big piece of white fabric more than the box. I think the one I have is 20″ x 20″.

  2. Your bags look great. Sometimes I don’t feel like blogging either – in fact, I have recently returned from a six week hiatus! (BTW, I came in from TGIFF where I have a finish-of-sorts)

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