Denim & Ruby

What looks great with a pair of blue jeans?  Ruby by Bonnie and Camille!

Last weekend I took advantage of Keyka Lou’s anniversary sale (now known as Michelle Patterns). I waffled around wondering what fabrics I wanted to use for this pattern. I hadn’t intended on using denim but I found a pair of jeans my husband no longer wore and decided to cut them up.

I didn’t want  to make the bag entirely out of denim and this print from Bonnie and Camille’s Ruby line looks so sweet with it, a great contrast of masculine and feminine. I happened to have some yellow top stitching thread which came in handy for this project.

I was going to use denim for the strap but the way I cut the jeans ruined that idea so I decided to make one out of fabric. I put a piece of batting inside and top stitched 4 times.

This bag is generous enough to hold an iPad or book without being oversized, I also love the little side pockets, cute and functional.

15 thoughts on “Denim & Ruby

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  3. That looks fabulous. Love the denim and ruby combination. Wouldn’t have thought of it but it works so well!

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