Keyka Lou Zakka Style!

Bending Pins Zakka Style

Can I tell you how much I love this bag?! I used Keyka Lou’s Sweetheart shopper and added my own Zakka style. I love this pattern because there’s so much you can add to it to make it your own, the little window with the hedgehogs, the expandable outside pocket with snap and the marching hedgehogs on the trim and last but not least, the dense quilting on front and back.

Bending Pins Zakka Style Bag

FIVE days till I’m in Bremen, FIVE DAYS!!!

18 thoughts on “Keyka Lou Zakka Style!

  1. I have been enjoying your blog so much, Tabatha. Thanks for posting all the pictures of your projects. I like seeing the bags you’ve been making – your fabric choices are wonderful! Have a glorious trip to Germany – it looks completely beautiful! Best wishes, Liz

    • Thanks so very much for your kind words Liz, that is so sweet of you! I’ve really been enjoying myself with these bags and look forward to making many more!

    • Thanks Karen! I bought that fabric two years ago at the big CreativFestival here in Toronto, it was just waiting for the perfect project. 😀

    • Thanks Kati, this vacation is very much overdue, both dh and I are exhausted and need a break! I’ll try to blog as much as I can — that is not work! ;D

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